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Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Nothing is improving ? 
Problem getting more harder ? 
Don't know what to do ?

Ok , cool je dulu. 

Firstly , 

Many of us dan termasuk aku sendiri perkara macam ini pernah berlaku. So , be calm n be cool dan tanganilah situation yg sedang berlaku dengan sebaik mungkin.


Langkah ini mungkin sedikit sebanyak dpt bantu kalian. 

Keluar dan go meet your friends who are related with what u r working for. Share "A little bit" of your problem and then Focus more on the solution. 

Doesn't mean you share your problem , you are not strong enough. No and surely not.
Kadang-kadang kita perlu berikan peluang pada diri kita untuk buka hati dan cuba menerima sebaik mungkin apa yg disampaikan oleh org sekeliling supaya kita dapat idea utk atasi masalah tersebut.

Go MEET them , SHARE with them , ASK for the solution, LIVE with them , LEARN on how their manage their problems and then GO KICK THE WORLD !!!!! 

Remember , always keep calm and take action to improve ourself.

It's not a RACE nor a CHAMPIONSHIP. It's all about improving ourself to be BETTER. 
Go Compete with yourself. 
Don't ever give up !!!!

May ALLAH bless us ;)


  1. Its not a race nor a championship.
    Its all about improving ourself to be better.
    Yup dats right. Tq omar.on track to improve myself insyaAllah :')

  2. congrats kak z. go keep it up ! u can do it !!


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