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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Solomon Island

I end up read the story when Yussamir revise me about Solomon island at the Gen-H Sts just now.


Apa yang "Famous-nya" kalian pernah dengar tentang Kepulauan Solomon ? 
Some might know , some not. 

Ok , go grab some of ur time to read this story. Just google this "solomon island tree cursing". Surely Worth it ;) 

Ringkas ceritanya : 

The natives in the Solomon Islands, when they need land for cultivation, they dont chop down trees. they just gather around and curse it. then eventually the tree becomes weaker and then eventually dies and falls over.


Listen up, same goes to human.

Some people might just killing some soul by constantly discouraging him/her and not pointing out the positives and instead focusing on the negative. 

If this happen to you. Keep calm and cool. You have the right to choose not to be hear about it. Go ahead and keep your things up !!

Somehow , not eventually the bad things should be bad. There must be some point on it. Try to listen and get the points.

Be Yourself , Passionate , No Doubts , Keep Listening , Learning and Speak louder on ACTION !!!!



  1. Nice One Omar. Keep writing inspirational entry like this. sy thumbs up ini. -kak pandadila

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